Staxxon's Folding Shipping Containers

Staxxon’s Folding Shipping Containers

According to the article, “Staxxon: Solving the empty container riddle,” published by SPLASH24/7 on March 2, 2016, Staxxon has addressed the issue of the high cost of repositioning empty containers by not only designing a container that folds, but one that offers a return on investment.

Here are the top 5:

5. Designing a container that folds was but the beginning… Staxxon designed a folding container that costs less to maintain and repair
4. Unlike flat rack styled collapsible containers, Staxxon’s design allows the work to be done off terminal reducing port congestion
3. “Five Staxxon boxes fold together into the space of a typical normal container”
2. Staxxon views their containers “not as a commodity but as a technologically advanced, value added asset”

and number the number 1 reason Staxxon will break through the folding shipping container barrier is …..

1. Staxxon’s folding containers are the wave of the future, as their new container “…offers a very attractive return on investment, whereas today’s container is but an unyielding and ever growing operating expense.”

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