Montclair, New Jersey
October 19, 2021

Staxxon to Accept Pre-Order Deposits on 20-ft, 40-ft and 40-ft HC on Website

Staxxon, LLC announced today that it will begin accepting $100 deposits per container for 20-ft, 40-ft and 40-ft HC versions of its folding shipping containers. The deposits can be placed on Staxxon’s website using a credit card or PayPal. Pre-order deposits will allow customers to get in queue on a first-come, first-served basis and enable them to purchase and take delivery of Staxxon containers once they become commercially available in 2022. Every effort will be made to honor the priority of each pre-order as it comes in, regardless of size. Deposits on pre-orders are fully refundable.

“Being able to take deposits for future container deliveries marks another milestone for Staxxon. It
allows us to begin planning our commercial manufacturing targets and encourages interested
customers to get in line and be the first to purchase containers when we launch,” said George
Kochanowski, CEO of Staxxon. “We want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to
signal to us that they’re interested in our technology. We hope to build momentum with this
refundable deposit and get the industry excited about our container solution. More than ever with
today’s shipping chaos, we believe our folding design offers huge advantages for customers moving
empty containers,” Kochanowski added.

Staxxon’s 37 granted patents filed globally protect all of Staxxon’s critical and most unique design
features. Future differentiating technologies that the Company is developing with outside partners
include floor sensors that will allow the container to report the weight of its contents and an
automated bundling/folding system targeting less than 3 minutes per fold/unfold.

Staxxon, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company based in New Jersey. It operates as a
technology and intellectual property licensing company. The Company has developed, patented, and
certified a new design for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) shipping containers.
The technology is the first to enable containers to fold upright, like an accordion. Staxxon’s upright
system allows up to five empty containers to be folded, bundled, and moved together as a single
container. The load bearing strength of the upright design also allows the container to be placed
anywhere from top to bottom in a shipboard stack. Whether fully loaded or bundled together when
empty, the Company anticipates that its containers will be 100% interchangeable with standard ISO
container fleets. Container owners stand to benefit through substantially reduced operating costs and
increased efficiency. Additionally, improved logistics in the handling of empties should materially
mitigate global port congestion and environmental pollution. The Company is privately owned and
financed by a small group of investors including the current management team.

For further information please visit or contact Richard Danderline (Chief Financial
Officer) at or Santtu Seppälä (Chief Strategy Officer) at