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Top 5 Supply Chain Questions for a B-to-B Logistics Startup

Posted January 20th, 2014

In the course of establishing a market adoption taxonomy for Staxxon – figuring out the hierarchy of decision making for market adoption of Staxxon’s technology – we found that people, organizations and things related to supply chain management always appeared at the top of various lists. While Staxxon’s shipping container technology will get licensed and manufactured by container and equipment manufacturers as well as end users like ocean carriers, the most influential party in terms of driving initial market adoption seems to be the company…

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Dear Trade Publications: Put Logistics Startups on Editorial Calendars

Posted January 17th, 2014

Dear Respected Logistics and Shipping Industry Trade Publications, Here at Staxxon we still struggle a bit with how to communicate our stories, messages and news to your writers and editors and, more important, your readers. We realize that business-to-business startups in the maritime logistics space are not part of anyone’s regular beat. We also understand that most of you report on news and trends that matter to the mainstream players in the logistics marketplace. We realize that our lack of market presence makes startups a…

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Sustainability Challenge #1 for B-to-B Logistics Startups: No Common Reporting Standards or Benchmarks

Posted January 15th, 2014

Being a business-to-business logistics startup focused on the containerized freight segment has some unique challenges. The containerized freight segment is historically conservative and skeptical about innovation, especially from a startup with founders from outside the container or tradition-laden maritime business community. There are relatively few investors or funds targeting business-to-business startup innovation for containerized freight logistics. And even if there is investor interest in our technology, there is often a concern about whether the investor has partners and associates with in-depth knowledge about the container…

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