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Our Mission

To help our customers ship more efficiently and sustainably. We pledge to continue to drive technology to make shipping greener.


  • George Kochanowski

    George Kochanowski

    Founder, CEO

    Dover, Cyclics, General Electric / Senior Executive / Engineer

  • Richard Danderline

    Richard Danderline


    Aerosoles, Kenneth Cole, ICONIX / Senior Executive / Finance

  • Santtu Seppälä

    Santtu Seppälä


    Lazard, Cantillon Capital, Kiitos Capital / Senior Executive / Finance

  • Robert Farrell

    Robert Farrell

    Director Product Development

    Kurz-Kasch, Penn Compression / Operations Manager

  • Charles Johnson

    Charles Johnson


    Optical Dynamics, Sherwin Williams / Senior R&D Exec. / Engineer

Staxxon operates as a technology and intellectual property licensing company. We partner with certified container manufacturers and parts suppliers to build folding containers.

Certification of BUNDLED Containers

Staxxon recently received full CSC certification for its 20-ft folding container. Going forward Staxxon will lead the efforts with industry standards setting groups and committees to develop the standards for testing a bundled set of folded empties. We anticipate that lifting, stacking and racking tests will show that any configuration of Staxxon’s 2, 3, 4 or 5 empty bundled sets will comply with current standards. This will allow our sets to be seamlessly integrated into the workflow, as if a regular container, an important consideration for customers’ willingness to adopt our technology.

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Smart Box Technology

Future differentiating technologies that the Company is developing with outside partners include floor sensors that allow the container to weigh its contents, GPS monitoring and software to optimize empty repositioning, and automated nesting/folding concepts targeting less than 3 minutes per fold/unfold. Additional industry standard container sizes including 40-ft, 40-ft high cube will also be made available.

Building a coalition

We are working to build a coalition of regulators, shippers, port operators, truckers, unions, and customers. This is ultimately the key to mutual success.