Staxxon Folding/Nesting Technology in Marine Terminals

Staxxon Technology Works in Marine Terminals

Staxxon’s folding and nesting container technology was covered in a recent blog post by Jason Zasky at Failure Magazine. No, Jason wasn’t suggesting Staxxon was failing. Jason’s focus was on the inefficiencies involved in positioning and repositioning empty containers.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Improvements in efficiency tend to be hard-won in the liner shipping industry—the service of transporting goods by means of high capacity, oceangoing vessels like the Emma Maersk. To be sure, ocean carriers are always looking for ways to make operations more efficient, efforts that have included: using low-friction paint to reduce hull friction, utilizing “smart” shipping containers that feature RFID technology, and building ever-larger ships, including the 20 “Triple-E” behemoths recently ordered by Maersk.

But Staxxon, a startup based in Montclair, New Jersey, is taking what might be loosely described as an “inside the box” approach to addressing the inefficiencies involved in moving empty intermodal containers. The company’s patented technology—utilized in steel containers that fold from left to right like an accordion—is elegant in its simplicity. Better yet, Staxxon containers require no significant changes to supply chain relationships, and are designed to honor existing workflow and safety standards. While hurdles remain on the path to commercial acceptance, Staxxon seems well on its way to succeeding where others have failed, in the process helping shipping companies improve their sustainability scorecards.

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