2 Staxxon Folded/Nested Prototypes on an ISO Container Chassis

Staxxon, was issued CSC Certificate Number USA/MC/101/12 on April 12, 2012 by Marine Container Equipment Certification Corp, an authorized approval authority of the US Coast Guard.  The CSC Certificate – the shipping container equivalent of a license plate – and associated ratings mean Staxxon’s patented folding/nesting steel shipping container design can be safely loaded and moved with commodity weights and volumes that are typical for 20’ ISO/IMO shipping containers used today for global ocean, rail and truck transport. The CSC Certificate also facilitates field test at terminals and ship/rail/truck trials in the coming months.

Key Ratings for Staxxon’s 20-foot shipping container design include:

  • Maximum Gross Weight: 52,900 pounds (24,000 kilograms)
  • Maximum Payload: 45,910 pounds (20,825 kilograms)
  • Stacking (Corner Post): 190,400 pounds (86,400 kilograms)
  • Stacking Capacity: 423,280 pounds (192,000 kilograms) or 8 high/7 over 1
  • Transverse Racking: 33,700 pounds (15,286 kilograms)
  • Floor Strength: 16,000 pounds (7,257 kilograms)

The Gross Interior Volume Capacity for the Staxxon container design, based on interior (not exterior) dimensions is 1,149 cubic feet (32.536 cubic meters)

Copies of the CSC Certificate are available upon request. Contact George Kochanowski, georgek@staxxon.com or +973.869.9601