George Kochanowski, Staxxon Inventor, Founder, CEO

Staxxon Demonstrates Retrofitted 20’ Vertical Folding Shipping Container that Allows Up to Five Empty Containers to Fit in the Same Space as One Container

Edison, NJ, USA- July 28 2010 – Today, Staxxon Technologies, Inc., the developer of a vertical folding solution for empty intermodal shipping containers, began briefing prospective customers, partners and investors on its designs using a functional prototype. By retrofitting a used 20’ dry intermodal container to support vertical folding, Staxxon is demonstrating how its vertical folding design methods can be used to move, manage and store up to 5 empty containers in the space of one container.

The patented Staxxon method for addressing the empty container repositioning problem uses a design approach that honors existing container industry standards (IMO, ISO, CSC), maintains the structural integrity of the +25M steel containers in use today, respects existing supply chain relationships and avoids the need for sophisticated new equipment or procedures at terminals. Staxxon’s solution allows existing steel containers to be retrofitted or new containers to be built for folding. The retrofit option provides container fleet owners, operators and lessors with a new option for increasing utilization while reducing operating costs associated with moving, storing and repositioning empty containers. The cost to retrofit (or the incremental cost to add folding to a new container) is coupled with a rapid return on investment from increased utilization and operating cost reduction.

Staxxon founding CEO and folding container inventor George Kochanowski said “While others have focused on the use of horizontal collapsing methods or use of composite materials in containers, Staxxon’s designs are laser focused on the top business issues facing carriers, ports, terminal operators and container fleet operators: faster vessel turns, better container and sea-going vessel utilization, more efficient management of empty containers, lower terminal and depot operating costs, effective use of limited capital and, above all, preserving the safety, standards and workflow involving containers.”

Staxxon is a two year old self-funded startup company headed by Kochanowski that is currently based near Dayton, Ohio. USA.  The company is preparing to build its third prototype and is seeking advance feedback from key intermodal industry organizations and individuals. Following CSC evaluation of the 420’ prototype, Staxxon will be approaching prospective customers regarding field trials. Staxxon is also discussing funding options with prospective investors to accelerate the commercialization of its designs and methods.

“We want to insure that our technology and business model are well aligned with the current and future container industry market and product requirements” remarked Kochanowski, “You can never have too much customer input at this stage in the innovation process.”

Staxxon’s core folding methods were recognized by the US Patent and Trademark Office in April 2010 when a patent was issued to Kochanowski. Staxxon’s will license its patented designs and know-how to container fleet operators, owners, lessors, manufacturers and repair/storage depot operators.

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