The crazy (but very talented) guys at Engineer vs. Designer had Paul McCrorey from McCrorey Digital as a guest on their podcast. Paul mentions the Staxxon marine terminal computer graphics/animation project at 17:00 minutes into the podcast. Engineer vs. Designer is a weekly podcast that covers tips, tricks and challenges of using CAD and animation products like SolidWorks, Luxuology’s modo and HDRE Urban Kit plus Adobe After Effects. If your sense of humor extends to the very technical world of computer assisted design, computer graphics and animation, you may enjoy listening to the entire episode.

During the podcast, Paul explains one of the technical challenges Staxxon presented when his company was asked to include realistic demonstrations of the Staxxon container technology on container ships, trucks, trains and other equipment at a marine terminal. In addition to using animation to show how the patented Staxxon folding and nesting technology works, Staxxon wanted prospective customers and partners to see how the technology would save time, money and space in a realistic maritime work environment. Using advanced computer graphics and animation, Paul created a functional marine terminal complete with docks, cranes, gates and piles of containers to support the project.