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Shipping and Freight Resource Blog Mentions Staxxon Vertical Folding Container

Posted August 19th, 2010

  Hariesh Manaadiar mentions Staxxon in his Shipping and Freight Resource blog. His blog is a great resource for anyone seeking an in-depth lesson shipping norms and practices in South Africa. Hariesh thought Staxxon’s approach to vertical folding was “incredible.” That’s always nice to read about any product, especially when it is the first thing to read in the morning. Many thanks from the Staxxon team to Hariesh.

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Breakthrough Box Design: Vertical Folding Containers

Posted August 10th, 2010

Nice mention of Staxxon’s vertical folding technology today in John Doble’s Container Shipping Canada blog. John provides a brief history of the sea container and raises the challenge of repositioning empty containers. “…With one-third of Canada’s population living in south western Ontario, most carriers are challenged with surplus equipment which has to be moved out at great expense by truck or rail. Efforts to reduce costs have centred on export match back strategies and the use of boxes in domestic freight moves, which have had,…

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Staxxon Briefs Industry on Vertical Folding Shipping Container Design

Posted August 1st, 2010

Staxxon Demonstrates Retrofitted 20’ Vertical Folding Shipping Container that Allows Up to Five Empty Containers to Fit in the Same Space as One Container Edison, NJ, USA- July 28 2010 – Today, Staxxon Technologies, Inc., the developer of a vertical folding solution for empty intermodal shipping containers, began briefing prospective customers, partners and investors on its designs using a functional prototype. By retrofitting a used 20’ dry intermodal container to support vertical folding, Staxxon is demonstrating how its vertical folding design methods can be used…

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