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Staxxon mentioned in dMass Blog

Posted February 19th, 2011

Staxxon’s vertical folding/nesting technology was mentioned in the dMass blog this week as a “Disruptive Technology” for the shipping industry. dMass is focused on “facing the global challenge of creating wealth at an unprecedented scale on a sustainable basis with a shrinking material resource base.” The blog post has summaries of various trends and innovative technologies that are reducing the impact of shipping and driving corporate sustainability programs.  

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More CSC Testing

Posted October 14th, 2010

Ever wondered what 90,000 pounds looks like? Today’s CSC testing focused on load and stacking tests. The load trials consisted of spot and balanced loading to stress the folding floor. Initially 45,000 pounds of balanced load was placed upon the floor followed by a second balanced load of 90,000 pounds on the container floor. After determining that this very well used box was still intact – stacking tests were initiated on the front end of the vertical folding container. While the container did not experience any failures during load testing,…

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Staxxon on the InfoSys Logistics Blog: Reduce Empty Container Repositioning Costs "Inside the Box"

Posted September 25th, 2010

Kris Subramanian, a Senior Project Manager at Infosys Technologies focused on Retail, Consumer Product Goods & Logistics mentioned Staxxon’s patented Vertical Folding Container technology in a recent post. Thanks Kris! A colleague at Infosys, Ashutosh Tiwari, had written about the concept of a Virtual Container Yard as a possible solution for rationalizing empty container logistics. The Virtual Container Yard concept put forth by Tiwari – basically enabling empty container swaps between shippers to avoid empty repositioning costs – inspired Subramanian to mention the Staxxon VFC solution…

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