MTS LogisticsMTS Logistics, a New York USA based logistics company, posted an article on their blog recently that included an image of Staxxon’s container technology along with optimism about market readiness for viable designs to fold and nest empty shipping containers. Here is what the writer had to say:

“…Very successful models are also (being) introduced to shipping world by (a) few companies. These designs in the collapsed state can occupy as low as 1/5th of the volume of a normal container, they conform to ISO standards for ocean containers. Some models can be folded just in 3 minutes with a help of a forklift and 2 men… 

Another benefit presented by innovators is environmental. According to the studies, by stacking as many as 4-5 containers on a trailer it’s possible to cut many trips on highways and reduce carbon emissions. I definitely agree that this would be the “next big thing” in shipping industry since the 1950s and it wouldn’t be surprising to see these smart ocean containers on streets in following years…”

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