Fold/nest shipping containers, reduce operating costs.
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In The News

MTS Logistics: Ocean Carriers Spend $15B Year Repositioning Containers

Posted 2014.01.12 by George Kochanowski

MTS Logistics, a New York USA based logistics company, posted an article on their blog recently that included an image of Staxxon’s container technology along with optimism about market readiness for viable designs to fold and nest empty shipping containers. Here is what the writer had to say: “…Very successful models are also (being) introduced to shipping world by (a) few companies. These designs in the collapsed state can occupy as low as 1/5th of the volume of a normal container, they conform to ISO... More

Cut the Ship: New Jersey USA Startup Brings Innovation to Container Logistics

Posted 2014.01.11 by George Kochanowski

Staxxon was mentioned recently in the New Jersey Blog, a blog that covers startups that are based in the state of New Jersey in the United States. Here is what they had to say: “…Take a look around Target or IKEA and you’ll see an array of ingenious space saving solutions. But why stop there? Here’s how one Montclair (New Jersey) startup is bringing that same approach to logistics, one of the world’s most conservative industries – not to mention reinventing a product that has... More

Conservation Magazine : Staxxon “…shrink energy footprint for cargo”

Posted 2012.12.08 by George Kochanowski

Conservation Magazine mentioned Staxxon’s folding/nesting container technology in a recent article. “… “It is a quite conservative industry. The container we use today was invented in the 1950s,” says Jacob Sterling, head of environment and corporate social responsibility at Maersk Line, a Copenhagen-based shipping company. But with the ever-rising price of oil, shippers are looking to save energy and are open to ideas. Staxxon is just now starting to test its model at terminals: it has the potential to be the folding container that finally convinces shippers... More